Nicky Siano is on of the last TRUE pioneers of the inception of New York's dance music scene, a music genre that later became DISCO. His first job playing records at New York’s famed club THE ROUND TABLE, was in 1971.  In 1972, at the age of 17, he co-owned, designed and was the DJ at THE GALLERY, called THE FIRST DISCO in books ie. ‘Love Saves the Day’ and ‘Love Goes to Buildings on Fire.’   Both books and documentaries such as MAESTRO chronicle how Nicky started many DJ techniques like BEAT MATCHING RECORDS, designing the first CROSSOVER and building the first club BASS HORNS.  He inspired owners to build such clubs as The Paradise Garage and Studio 54. He launched the careers of Grace Jones, D.C. La Rue, Loleatta Holloway, Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, to name a few. His party at TWELVE WEST, 1999-2002, was heralded by New York Magazine, The Village Voice, Time Out, Hx, Next, Flyer, DJ Times and Paper Magazine as the party of the year.

Of the early, most influential DJ's in New York, Nicky is the last survivor of that time.
New York Magazine, 2000 

Director Luke Poling and Producer Heidi R. Hedquist have chosen Nicky as the subject of theier new documentary LOVE IS THE MESSAGE. The first trialer for the film has created quite a stir for audiences who have seen Nicky on his latest tour to support financing for the film, a 45 day promotional drive. Booking at HEIDI R. HEDQUIST. The film follows Nicky as he witnesses' the Stonewall Riots that changed being a smae sex couple for lgbtq human beings around the world! As a founding father of disco, a club owner at the age of 17, and a pioneer/innovator of DJ technology, he struggled, along with a small group of friends, to convince a rigid bureaucracy that club DJ’s mattered and were worth the RECORDS COMPANIES' time and investment.  His club, THE GALLERY, became the most popular and inflencial club for several years, from '73-'76. It is in that space some of the most famous 70’s DJ’s starting after Nick became inspired to become DJ's, some asking for his help with the basics of the craft. They included his closest associates Larry Levan, and the godfather of house, FRANKIE KNUCKLES.  Finally, at the height of his addiction, his become part of the team one of two who were the FIRST original DJ's at Studio 54. That is where his illusions of an industry he had helped build were shattered by the stark reality of greed, jealousy, sex and drugs.

Nicky's live theatrical experience HALLELUJAH DISCO: Stonewall to Studio 54 (press for preview) is a compelling immersive experience where his the story, beginning at the STONEWALL RIOTS in New York City and the first PRIDE celebration, comes to life! He recounts how, in the ashes of Stonewall, he and approximately 10 other DJ's built the New York City club scene, which to this day is the foundation of the dance music industry. How he openned what many call "the first disco" THE GALLERY, where he launched the careers of Grace Jones, Loleatta Holloway, Larry Levan and Frankie Knukles. Songs from the era are performed by an eight member gospel choir. He recounts his relationship with STEVE RUBELL and how he become the very first DJ to play at STUDIO 54.


So much more then a club owner and DJ, Nicky is a NEW YORKER, who has been present at many defining moments in NEW YORK CITY'S HISTORY; i.e. the Stonewall Riots, The opening of the Gallery, the Paradise Garage and Studio 54, The Act Up Aids protests, the rained out Diana Ross concert in Central Park, the first night of Bette Midler’s FIRST Broadway show, her performances at the CONTINENTAL BATHS, 9/11 and the list seems endless!

A book is certainly in the cards for this living legend!

“If anyone is to be called a legend it is SIANO.”  New York Magazine, 2011.

"Nicky Siano invented the segue." New York Magazine's 35th Anniversary issue, April 2003, Nicky is named as one of the "100 People who Changed New York."

"Nicky Siano IS dance music." Play Magazine, March.

“DJ Legend Nicky Siano remains an important figure in the music industry.” Time Out magazine, September 2001

In 2004, SOUL JAZZ RECORDS released the first GALLERY COMPILATION an incredible collection of rare Gallery hits.

Nicky is featured in the new HBO documentary of the Bee Gees 'How can you Mend a Broken Heart" for which the praises continue to evolve. Several new interviews, past doumentaries and books include MAESTRO, now available on DVD; Tim Lawrence's epic book, LOVE SAVES THE DAY, where Nicky's career is chronicled in detail; the 2012 bestseller, LOVE GOES TO BUILDINGS ON FIRE; In Grace Jone's memior, her

Nicky has mixed and recorded over 30 dance classics.  In 1977 he was the FIRST DJ to produce a record-- the underground classic “Kiss Me Again” on Sire Records, for which he became partners with famed musician Arthur Russell, and sold more than 300,000 copies.

It was no coincidence that when Steve Rubelle opened Studio 54 he chose Nicky as one of the two original DJ’s, he is the last surviving ORIGINAL DJ from the legendary club.  IN OCTOBER OF 2011, SiriusXM re-opened the original STUDIO 54, with all the original people, FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY.  Nicky was chosen by IAN SCHRAGER to be at the decks for this evening.  This event was featured on Entertainment tonight, and in PEOPLE magazine October 2011.

Nicky continues to tour the worldwide, most recently in London Dec 2021; GOODROOM, NYC, March 2022; Detroit, 2022; Tomorden, UK, 2022; Glassgow, Scotland, 2022, scheduled Lisbon, Milan, California...these are only past and future confirmed gigs, all past gigs have been SOLD OUT. 

There is only one surviving DJ who actually started the dance music scene in New York City
and that is Nicky Siano.